Elementary Program: 10-13 years old

Vision Statement

  One of the number one things I hear from parents who contact me about Champs Learning is “My child hates school.” At Champs Learning, we want to help students learn to love school again. In the Elementary and Jr High grades, school should never be a dreaded task. Students who develop a dislike of school early on have a hard time finding success as they progress further in their school careers. At Champs Learning, we are here to help students learn to love school again. We strive to set our students up for academic success in their future.  

The Champs Learning difference


We offer individualized instruction in a small classroom setting. Classes have no more than 6 students per class. This allows us to help each student where they are at with their own academic goals.   


We provide students with a non-scary approach to getting schoolwork done. Students at Champs have very little homework, usually less than 2 hours per week. We believe that more homework does not equal higher academic success.   


For students needing a little extra help in one or more academic subjects we offer afternoon support, before school support, and Friday support. There is an additional cost for these services.    


Some students simply need a smaller environment, some students need less academic pressure from their teachers, some students need the freedom to move around a little more during class. Champs Learning understands that the traditional school model does not work for every student. For those needing something “outside the box” when it comes to traditional public and private schools, Champs Learning is exactly that.  

Parental Control

Many times homeschool parents find that working from home is not working for their child. Champs Learning allows homeschool parents to still have control over what their child is learning without the stress that comes from working at home. Many children simply work better with someone other than mom and dad.     

What the Elementary and Jr High Program does:

3rd-8th Grade

For students 3rd-8th grade we have a 4 day a week school option available. Students will receive course instruction in all four academic areas. Electives are available for an additional cost.    


Champs Learning Elementary and Jr High Schedule:


Homeschool Classes

9am-1pm Monday-Thursday 

Cost of Homeschool Classes: $720 per month  

Homeschool Classes Offered

 Math, English, History, Science    

Electives Currently Offered

Spanish: 8:30am-9am Tuesday-Thursday 

Spanish: 1:00pm-1:30pm Tuesday-Thursday 

Art:  12:00 -1:00